Browning Feeder Cup 2013 (EN)

Browning Feeder Cup 2013 (EN)

We invite you for two-round Feeder fishing competition of singles organized under the auspices of MO SRZ Hlohovec.

Participant do not have to be ( CIPS ) registered competitors.
Dated: 1st - 2nd June 2013
Admission fee:  35€, registration closed on the 20th May 2013, admission fee must be credited to an account till this date. The competitor will be registered  immediately after receive payment.

Payment details:
account number: 611678443 / 7500 EUR
IBAN: SK87 7500 0000 0006 1167 8443
BANK: CSOB, Piestany
Variable symbol: 01062013
Message for recipient: name, surname, residence

If any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: info@sports; SMS:  +421 915 785 183

Send your application:  (application must include: First name, Last name, tel.No., Fishing organization you are member)



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