Browning Feeder Cup 2014 (EN)

Browning Feeder Cup 2014 (EN)

We invite you for two-round Feeder fishing competition of singles organized under the
auspices of MO SRZ Hlohovec.

Participant do not have to be ( CIPS ) registered competitors.
Dated: 31st May and 1st June 2014
Admission fee:  39,-€ (fishing permit for training and competition inclusive); registration closed
on the 5th May 2014, admission fee must be credited to an account till this date. The competitor
will be registered  immediately after receive payment. No addition fees for parking, camping,...

Payment details:
account number: 611678443 / 7500 EUR
IBAN: SK87 7500 0000 0006 1167 8443
BANK: CSOB, Piestany
Variable symbol: 01062013
Message for recipient: name, surname, residence

If any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: info@sports; SMS:  +421 915 785 183
Send your application:  (application must include: First name, Last name, tel.No., Fishing organization you are member)



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